Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PeopleTools - Using Google Analytics (analytics.js)

In one of my branding posts, I described how we could inject the Google Analytics javascript (ga.js) code snippet using the Branding Framework.

As most of you know, the latest version of Google Analytics library is analytics.js.

To start using analytics.js, all we have to do is update our custom Google Analytics injection code.

Here are the steps to migrate/implement analytics.js.

Development Environment: HCM 9.2 PUM Image 17 - PeopleTools 8.55.03

Create a custom javascript object with analytics.js code snippet:

Make sure you substitute your property id on line 6.

Inject custom javascript object to the application globally:

In my case, I am using a custom Global JS Injection Framework that I described previously (refer: post 1 and post 2). You are free to use other options that might work best for you.

At a high level, PT_UTIL ---includes--- CSK_FL_BOOTSTRAP_JS ---includes--- CSK_INJECT_JS. CSK_INJECT_JS is where we can list all the javascript objects that we want to load (globally or targeting specific conditions).

Here are jsfiddle links to the versions of CSK_FL_BOOTSTRAP_JS and CSK_INJECT_JS at the time of writing.